3 Restaurants We're Loving in August

Delving into the dishes at Eli's Kitchen, Rosalina, and Dante's Kitchen


If you've been aching to treat yourself to a delicious dinner but are tired of going to the same old spot, why not take a risk and try something new? Take a peek at what our reviewers have to say this month about three Rhode Island eateries: Providence's newest home-style Italian spot (that's not on Federal Hill), a small, open-kitchen foodie haven in Warren, and a southern-inspired South County space. We've done the research for you, all you have to do is choose. Feeling hungry yet?

"Imagine this: you’re nine, at a friend’s house after school. His mom throws together the first Italian home cooking you’ve ever experienced. Her perfect coif and cute dress seem just as effortless as the tomato sauce. She puts a spell on you, and you never try a plate of pasta that matches up to hers. Rosalina understands that in a city full of Italian restaurants, it’s this charm that will earn repeat visits." Read the rest of the review...

Eli's Kitchen
"Someone recently said to me that they dine out for the dining experience, not for nourishment. As a foodie, I initially thought this was absurd. Upon further reflection, I was shortsighted. Service is part of the experience, and service matters. So does the food. At Eli’s Kitchen, you don’t have to pick." Read the rest of the review...

Dante's Kitchen

"There are plenty of pizza places, Chinese restaurants, burger pubs and seafood spots (in South County), but if you’re looking for fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, grits, jambalaya or barbecue, you’re generally out of luck. Dante’s Kitchen on Main Street in East Greenwich hopes to change that by bringing you a taste of the South." Read the rest of the review...