14th Annual Providence Improv Fest

14th Annual Providence Improv FEST FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [Providence, RI] – The 14th Annual Providence Improv FEST will be taking place at AS220 Black Box at 95 Empire St. and AS220 Main …

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14th Annual Providence Improv FEST

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [Providence, RI] – The 14th Annual Providence Improv FEST will be taking place at AS220 Black Box at 95 Empire St. and AS220 Main Stage at 115 Empire St., in downtown Providence on September 21-23, 2017.

This year’s FEST hosts over 40 improv comedy troupes from across the country. As always, P!F will feature groups that present a variety of styles from the world of improv. Included in this year’s line-up are headliners Orange Tuxedo and Trew +2, and acts from Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Vermont, New Orleans, Boston, and, of course Rhode Island. In addition to past FEST favorites such as Crisis: An Improvised Comic Book and NYC’s Airwolf (as well as a free family show), P!F 14 is particularly pleased at the number of all-female groups that will be participating.

This year’s FEST will also feature local favorites like Improv Jones (Providence), The Bit Players (Newport) Bring Your Own Improv (Warwick) & Speed of Thought Players (Attleboro, MA) Wilbur, Wilbur, Nealbur of The Contemporary Theater (Wakefield), and Up in the Attic (Pawtucket).

According to Tim Thibodeau, P!F Producer, "The FEST is a great opportunity for people to see the expanding and thriving local comedy improv scene alongside some of the best national acts in the country. We are thrilled to have the talents of Craig and Carla Cackowski as Orange Tuxedo, headlining our Fest along with so many other new and returning acts to Providence. This festival is perfect for any audience--for those brand new to improv, as well as for people who have been an improv comedy fan for years!"

P!F 14’s Family Friendly Show will be on Saturday September 23rd and will feature Warwick’s Bring Your Own Improv and Boston’s over 50 act Elderberry Jam. This show will be a Pay-What-You-Can event with all proceeds going to the Roll for Rob Fund and Manton Avenue Project.

As a testament to the growth of the local Improv scene, this year’s FEST is sponsored by two Rhode Island Improv hubs: Pawtucket’s new improv center, Wage House, brings Kate & Casey and Poolside to the FEST. Meanwhile, The Providence Improv Guild, which will be celebrating its 5th year, is showcasing acts such as Musical Improv from Large Mouth Bass, Seagull Related Fishfight, Fool’s Pudding, Three Different Savers, Sow What?, Newspaper Podcast, The Tim Alan Show, Real Mature, and Starbucks Newest Secret Drink.

Tickets to the FEST are $10 per show, or $35 for a FEST Pass.

For more information, visit the PROVIDENCE IMPROV FEST website at www.providenceimprovfest.com.

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Craig and Carla Cackowsi (Los Angeles, CA): Orange Tuxedo is a two person improv show from a husband and wife team who aim to create grounded relationships formed by eccentric characters. Craig teaches improvisation at iO West, Carla teaches at the Second City in Hollywood and is soon to be the Managing Associate & teacher at the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, OR. Craig Cackowski has had recurring roles on television in Veep, Community, and Drunk History. Carla Cackowski hosts the popular podcast “Improv Yak” and teaches and directs sketch shows at Second City in Hollywood.

Trew + 2 is Chris Trew plus two strangers from the audience with no improv experience who get a very quick lesson than always seem to figure it out and make something memorable happen. Trew + 2 is a big hit on the comedy festival circuit and is appearing at several festivals this year. Chris Trew (New Orleans): Chris Trew is a comedian, pro wrestling manager, and improv teacher out of New Orleans where he is the co-founder and Creative Director of The New Movement, a theater and training center in New Orleans and Austin, TX. He’s written a book about improv (Improv Wins) and is a comedy festival veteran having produced, performed in, or founded nearly 50 festivals since 2008. You may have seen him on SeeSo, America’s Got Talent, GQ Magazine or MTV.


This years FEST features seven all-female ensembles including The Amie and Kristen Show (Philadelphia, PA), Amie Rowe and Kristen Schier are best friends and seasoned festival performers that perform an organic and fluid improv comedy show that’s been featured in fests around the US and Canada. It is their second trip to The Providence Improv Fest.

Airwolf (NYC, NY): Airwolf is a favorite of the Providence Improv FEST. They have been performing at P!F for years and have many local ties to Rhode Island. Members of Airwolf have appeared on Comedy Central, The Onion News Network, ESPN, Nickelodeon, and Adult Swim, among many others.

Trudy Carmichael Presents: The Improvised One-Woman Show (NYC, NY), creates a fully realized One-Woman Cabaret based on the audience suggestion of a show title and their personal objects.

CRISIS: An Improvised Comic Book (NYC, NY) is half improv comedy and half graphic novel with all the strengths of both mediums but none of their weaknesses.

Improv Boston (Boston, MA) Showcasing their unique AllForm style of play, ImprovBoston expertly blends games, scenes, skillful storytelling, off-the-cuff music and audience participation into unforgettably hilarious performances. This ensemble representing Boston's best improvisers explores a form that redefines itself with every performance. No rules. No boundaries. Just one brand of spectacular improvised comedy that has put ImprovBoston on the map for 35 years.

Sea Tea Improv Touring Company(Hartford, CT) Sea Tea Improv started in 2009 as a team of 7. Since then Sea Tea Improv has grown into a comedy theater and Touring Company with over 20 regularly performing house teams! The Touring Company in its time together has played in top festivals across the country.