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Required Reading: The Ray Kelly Controversy at Brown

Conflict lingers over the Brown community after the protest of NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's lecture. Here's are some good reads from around the country related to the story.

1. "Proactive Policing in America's Biggest City"

On October 29, NYPD Police commissioner Ray Kelly was scheduled to give a lecture on proactive policing and discuss the effectiveness of the "stop and frisk" policy.

Read and observe data from the NY chapter of the ACLU about this policy here.

2. Stop and frisk protest

Due to objections to the "stop and frisk" policy, Brown students petitioned to have the lecture canceled. Students and community members then decided to take matters into their own hands.

See the original report (plus video) from Huffington Post here.

3. President Paxson's Letter to the Brown Community

On November 6th, President Paxson addressed the Brown community. She says she understands the conflict but goes on to say that no matter how controversial, the expresssion of ideas should always be allowed at Brown.

Read her full letter to Brown here.

4. Students fire back

"I, along with the other students involved, was told I had to sign a confidentiality agreement...Where was Brown’s commitment to the free exchange of ideas here?"

One student, seeminly uninvolved at the time of the protest now finds herself wrapped up in the controversy due to behind-closed-doors protest controversy at Brown.

Read her full letter to President Paxson here.

5. The University investigates

The controversy lingers on as Brown decides it will investigage what happened and potentially discipline the students involved.

Read about the investigation at the Atlantic Wire here.

6. Polls show mixed feelings

A poll conducted by the Brown Daily Herald shows that while most students supported petitioning and protesting the lecture, most did not agree with causing it to be shut down.

See the poll results here.

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A Year In Review

In next month's issue we reflect on 2013. Help us identify the good and the bad of the year. You may even find your feedback in print.

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On Campus

Check Out Our 5 Favorite Pieces from RISD's "Under the Influence"

A new student exhibit call Under the Influence just opened in the Gelman Student Exhibitions Gallery at RISD's Chace Center. Here are five our favorite pieces. Check out these, and many more, yourself from now until December 11.


We Stopped Dreaming by Nick Penney

Cut out of blank newsprint, an ominous message can be pieced together to make you think.



California by Will GM Radin

Beautiful photos paired with a beautifully crafted piece draw you in to an unknown narrative left to your imagination.



Pierre by Jason Rabie

A very animated chair makes for an interesting experience. It also makes you marvel at how it was even made to begin with. The small sign asks you to "please approach", so don't be shy.



F*** by Hyo Jin Yoo

An interesting scuplture of mouths expressing an all too familiar word.



NO Mugging by Nupur Mathur, Gefeng Wang & Jennifer Vincent

A professional looking sign with an out of the ordinary message grabs all kinds of attention…You need to see the newsreel!



Shop for a Cause

Fabulocity, an upscale consignment and gift shop, is hosting a shopping event on November 8. That night, 10% of Fabulocity's sales will benefit the American Cancer Society. What better way to feel good about giving yourself a little treat? 6-8pm. 9 Cedar Swamp Road, Smith-field. 231-5900.



Athletic Underwear Made Locally

Optimal fitness performance requires optimal fitness gear, and undergarments aren't excluded. How often do you wish you had underwear that can stand up to your race-day expectations?

Local fitness apparel company Believe I Am has developed the “I Am Strong” Running Bikini. Visually appealing, leak resistant and made from moisture-wicking fabric by Providence-founded Dear Kate, the form-fitting pink and black bikini set will remind you of your inner strength as you pass that mile marker.



Indie Pop Comes to PVD

Forget the usual Tuesday routine and do something memorable tonight: two indie pop bands are playing a double bill at Lupo's. You've probably heard Fitz and The Tantrums's "Out of My League" on WBRU recently, and you've heard "Safe and Sound," the breakout hit by Capital Cities, well, everywhere this summer. The night’s ear-ringing insanity is only the second concert of the duo’s cross-country Bright Futures Tour.

And the evening’s eclectic love affair includes another: acclaimed mashup artist DJ Ear Worm, who created a new track, “Kangaroo League,” specifically for the tour. The track creates a terrifyingly delicious threesome of Fitz and The Tantrums’ “Out Of My League” and Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound” and “Kangaroo Court.” It’s bound to be unbelievable.

Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts around 7:30pm. Tickets are $25 at the door. Get on it now if you want to get in. 79 Washington Street, Providence. 401-331-5876. Purchase tickets online.   More


Food News for Fall

The corner of Hope and Wickenden is now home to Willy’s Local Foods, a grocery store focused on providing – you guessed it – local foods to local communities. Previously, Fox Point residents had to venture to Whole Foods for anything organic, but Willy’s homegrown goods offer an accessible alternative.

Over in the Renaissance Providence, Public Kitchen & Bar has now been open for a little more than a month, wowing customers with their American cuisine. While it’s a hotel restaurant, especially with its proximity to the State House, Public says it’s appropriate for “hipsters and Senators alike.”

Finally, October’s seasonal pumpkin flavor lingers on with the release of Newport Storm’s Rhode Island Pumpkin (RIP). Replacing the draft versions of their Oktoberfest Marzen Lager and Winter Porter, RIP is based on the same recipe as their Cyclone Gloria beer. RIP is available only as a draft and will be sold throughout Rhode Island until December 30.



Shutting Down the Government

One of the commonly held definitions of the phrase “public servant” is widely shared and easily understood: a person who has been elected, or appointed, to a governmental or representative office, whose responsibility it is to advance the cause of the better welfare of the general public, i.e., the public servant’s fellow citizens.

Regretfully, however, polls now show that many Americans have come to believe that the notion of “government of, by and for the people” is no longer anything more than a quaint and outdated sophistry from times long since passed that is no longer relevant in our modern political life. Nowhere else is this phenomenon seen as clearly as it is in the current attitudes of a vast majority of Americans toward the United States Congress. Polling shows, on a consistent basis, the belief of most citizens that Congress exists, in its modern incarnation, not for public service but rather for self service. Sadly, during these stressful times of government shutdown, Americans, in vast numbers, say they feel government no longer exists for the purpose of the defense and welfare of those who have installed it but rather that many in government are interested only in the defense and welfare of the fortunes they have accumulated during their years of “public service.”

Perhaps as we elect tomorrow’s officeholders, we should require of them a sort of Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm. When members of Congress involve themselves in the subterfuge and opaqueness we have witnessed over the recent term, is it any wonder that approval ratings of the Congress are historically low? What does this do to America’s image and reputation, home and abroad? What does this say to young Americans who are desperately attempting to gain a foothold in their lives, and to build their future? Is there a good future in a country that appears, at times, to be devoid of rational leadership?

Where is …   More


Singing Zombies Come to Cranston

An innocent teen falls for a boy from the wrong side of town. These star-crossed lovers try to be together against the odds — cue drugs, gore and drama. We’ve all heard it before. But this time the boy is a zombie and the girl is the daughter of a famous scientist. Now we’re talking.

Head to Theater 82 this month for an original zombie musical, Menace of the Morgue. Written and directed by Cranston’s John McKenna and presented by the Marley Bridges Theater Company in collaboration with the Artists’ Exchange, Menace of the Morgue is a zombie love story paying homage to 1960’s psychedelic horror films.

Sounds a little too intense for the kids? The theater will also be performing a shorter, family-friendly version, Doctor Menace’s Family Variety Hour of Zombies. You’d have to be (un)dead not to go!

Theater 82. 82 Rolfe Square, Cranston. October 4-26. Friday & Saturday at 8pm. Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 at the door. Visit their website to purchase tickets.


Community News

Local Treasure Hunters Debut on The Travel Channel

A pair of local treasure hunters is on the trail of American legends in the new Travel Channel show DigFellas, which premiered this fall.

Bill Ladd, of Warwick, and Howard Hewitt, of East Providence, spend each half hour episode searching for artifacts at sites linked to figures and stories from the annals of American history. In the first episodes, they’ve tracked Blackbeard and Zorro and unearthed an old, rusted pistol on a battlefield of Billy the Kid.

Ladd and Hewitt, who both got hooked on treasure as kids, have been hunting together for about a decade since meeting in a metal detecting club in Taunton. The pair first got noticed for their colorful videos on YouTube, where they whoop and cheer over their best finds around New England.

The antics continue on their reality show, complete with color commentary, their collectors’ motto of “passion over profit” and Ladd’s signature “Yeeeeah!” Amid the excitement of the hunt – and finds – Ladd and Hewitt offer capsule history lessons on the characters they’re chasing and speculate on just how Billy the Kid might have dropped a revolver in the heat of battle. DigFellas airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on the Travel Channel.


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