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Drink Recipe

The Rockefeller Royal

It’s the perfect drink and you can serve it as a punch. The last thing you want to be doing as a host is making drinks all night. Mix together in a lovely punch bowl...

1 liter of Grand Marnier

64 oz. of pomegranate juice

1 oz of cranberry bitters

(angostura, orange bitters or any kind of aromatic bitter will work) and 2 bottles of champagne

A block of ice



Shop Like a Lady for a Special Man

Owner Marc Allen says, “ladies can come in, have an amazing assortment of beverages, tasty food, listen to great music and shop till they drop for their loved ones... all the while knowing that they’re saving 20% on their total purchase.” For the event, the store is bringing in special items: handmade cufflinks, Loro Piana scarves, bracelets and cashmere socks that make great stocking stuffers. Complimentary valet only sweetens the deal. Who says holiday shopping isn’t fun? 200 South Main Street, December 12.



Trans-Siberian Orchestra Plays The Dunk this Month

One of the most beloved holiday traditions returns to Providence much to the excitement of many. Visit the Dunkin’ Donuts Center for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Lost Christmas Eve. The orchestra’s acclaimed rock opera is a captivating onstage performance with lights, lazers and pyrotechnics; it tells the heart-warming tale of loss and redemption on a magical Christmas Eve in New York City. Grab the whole family; this show is not to be missed. Luxury suites are available (and make a great gift!)

December 18, call 680-4716 to reserve. $41.50-$71.50. 7:30pm. 



See The Nutcracker at PPAC

Where else can you see toy soldiers, giant mice and a Sugar Plum Fairy? At PPAC’s performance of The Nutcracker, of course! Come see the beloved ballet about one girl’s magical adventure.

December 20-22: 8pm Friday; 2pm and 7pm Saturday & 1:30pm Sunday. $23-$85.



Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop

Before Multiverse Comics opened on Broadway in October, Providence was missing what its owner, Brandon Amorin, calls “a neighborhood comic book store.”

“In the ten years or more that I’ve lived here there hasn’t really been a comic book store you could just walk to,” he says. Amorin, who is friendly enough to be the Bizarro-version of The Simpsons’ sarcastic Comic Book Guy, has imagined opening a comic book shop since his days of organizing new release bins in exchange for Snickers bars and a weekly stipend of comics as a kid.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own business, and I’ve always loved comic books. I figured if I’m going to do something for myself it’s gotta be something I love.” Multiverse is small, but has big aims to satisfy a long felt need in the city’s geek community.

“I’m trying to have a spot where I can talk to people who’re into the same sort of stuff that I’m into. We offer a spot where you can hang out when you’re on your way to the café or downtown to work. It gives everyone another reason to interact with other people who are interested in the same sorts of genres.” 265 Broadway. 223-2112



A Providence-based Filmmaker Shows at the Cable Car

Blending in with Brown and RISD faculty, Providence-based filmmaker Laura Colella is having a preview run for her feature film Breakfast With Curtis. In early December, the Cable Car Cinema will showcase Laura’s third feature film that she edited and directed in Providence. The movie tells the story of an estranged young boy, named Curtis, who moved to an offbeat neighborhood of bohemians. While welcoming him into their world, the heartwarming film captures the warmth of a community that embraced the introverted boy.

Laura has been named one of “Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces in Independent Film” and has won the 2013 Independent Spirit award for her films. While Breakfast With Curtis had its World Premiere at last year’s Los Angeles Film Festival, Laura says, “I look forward very much to the run at the Cable Car, and hope people will come out to experience the film with an audience, which is the most fun way.”

For more information, check out the Cable Car’s website for screening times during the month of December.



Happy Holidays, Consumers

Season’s greetings, and a warm, non-denominational wish for a happy holiday season to you, an American, typically between the ages of 25-54, most likely female, Caucasian, with a median household income of $75,549.23, from us, Your Local Neighborhood Boxcorp Omni-martTM.

Here at Your Local Neighborhood Boxcorp Omni-martTM, we’re dedicated to creating a sense of community in (HAVE INTERN FILL IN NAME OF TOWN HERE). That’s why when you walk into our store, you’re greeted by friendly, familiar faces who know you – people like the guy who used to own the town hardware store, the guy who used to run the appliance shop down the street, the former Boy Scout Troop Leader out on work release, and your creepy uncle. It’s just our way of saying, “Howdy, neighbor! Our retinal scanners Inceptioned money saving coupons on your preferred detergent brand directly into your brain the moment you walked in the door. It’s been exactly 52 days since we’ve seen you – the second longest absence in your CardMember® Rewards Lifetime©. Are you mad at us? We hear your daughter’s pregnant... Oh, you didn’t know?”

Our statistics indicate that you want only the best for your family during this non-specific time of seasonal merriment, and that’s why we’re committed to offering the best values on the gifts they really want: smart phones, tablets, phablets, fablettes (like phablets, but faaaab), an entire NFL season beamed directly into your penis, guns, other guns, crossbows, princess beds, a Chinese baby, nondefense aircraft parts and a Boxcorp XxxclusiveTM live double album and soft core porn Blu-Ray by Michael Buble. You’ll find them all in stock and at rock bottom prices this month and YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE.Excuse us.

What we’re trying to say is that we here at Your Local Neighborhood Boxcorp Omni-martTM are truly your neighbors – and not just because our full service parking lot with complimentary shuttle service, amusement park …   More

Expanding Horizons at Brown

Nirupama Rao is the perfect fit for Brown University. With unparalled diplomatic experience, she joins the Brown-India Initiative to futher the study of contemporary India. Roa has an impressive resume and her accomplishments are well known. Rao was the ambassador to India from September 2011 to November of this year and was appointed to the highest office in the Indian Foreign Service. She served as a minister of press and cultural affairs at the Indian embassy in Washington and was the first woman to be designated as the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs among many other accomplishments. We welcome this inspiring woman to the commnity.

Read the full story here


Year In Review

The Year Social Media Shot to #1

Social media has been a big factor in our friend requesting, liking and commenting, information sharing lives for several years now, but this year there was a quiet, yet significant ground shift. 2013 is the year that social media finally overtook porn as the number one activity on the internet. It’s having a big impact on all media – the way we present our stories in print and online, the way we organize information, the way we share content with our readers – and Providence Monthly is no exception. Here are some examples of the ways social media is changing the face of your city magazine.


Year In Review

The Best New Food Trucks of 2013

While at first it could have become another fizzled cupcake-like trend, the food truck scene just keeps rolling and getting better. Here are our favorites that debuted this year:

Sushi Awesome Go! Go!

Must-try dish: Fugu Liver Dangerous! Delicious! Spicy Roll with Hot

Where to find: On Twitter @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Nuryev’s Pilaf Yurt

Fun fact: Although the genial, eccentric Uncle Nuryev has quickly become a beloved character on College Hill, it’s widely suspected that he’s actually wanted for war crimes back in his native Uzbekistan

Where to find: My friend, my friend, my friend, look here – good food, pretty girls!

The Sweetest Touch Windowless Candy Van

Fun fact: Kids are always welcome to come inside the van where they can pet puppies and play video games

Where to find: Exactly 1000 feet from the nearest elementary school

West Side GOdega

Popular items: Beef empanadas, arroz con pollo, salami, blunt wraps, toilet paper, scratch tickets, looseys, condoms, phone cards, Santeria candles, bootleg DVDs of The Avengers

Where to find: Dexter Park during kickball games

Wings Over Mordor

Must-try dish: The Fellowship of the Wing, a monstrous 16-wing sampler platter, including flavors like Balrog’s Blazin’ Buffalo Wings and The Shire’s Famous Ale Batter, with a side of Magical Elf Bread

Where to find: Look to its coming at first light on the fifth day, at dawn look east

Bro-tastic Cock Punch

Must-try dish: Slammin’ Tequila Lime Wasabi Tuna Burger Shooters with Mango Habañero Bacon BBQ Sauce and S’More Crumbles, served in a Bloody Mary

Where to find: Where are the drunk chicks at, bro?


Fun fact: Whatever… we’re so over this

Where to find: Ugh, if you have to ask…

Fat Lou’s Mobility Scooter

Insider tip: Mondays are all-you-can-eat pulled pork and glazed donut nacho night

Where to find: The parking lot of the Stop & Shop on Branch Ave.


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