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Books, Beer and Miniature Boxes at the Rochambeau Library

On March 4 from 7-9pm the Rochambeau Library presents Dear Diorama, an after-hours book and art contest where local bibliophiles are invited to create and present dioramas based on their favorite literary scenes. (For those of you living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean, a diorama is a three-dimensional model that’s built to depict a historical or fictional scene. Remember those creepy crime scene dioramas that were constructed by the Miniature Killer on CSI? Well these will be sort of like those, minus the blood and the psychopath.)

Matthew Lawrence of Not About the Buildings will emcee the event; some of you may know him as the host of the annual spelling bee at AS220. A panel of judges will select their favorite dioramas and winners will go home with prizes from Craftland, Frog and Toad and Books on the Square. Once the winners have been decided, the dioramas will move to the gallery at Craftland for all the world to see. Sponsors include Foolproof Brewing and Whole Foods so expect lots of delicious local beer and food to enhance this already awesome evening. 272-3780. 



Party of the Year

It might not technically be winter anymore, but that isn’t stopping PPS from hosting its annual Winter Bash on March 29, the huge, highly anticipated fete that’s regularly touted as the party of the year in Providence. This isn’t your average (and if we’re being honest, usually boring) fundraiser. Hundreds of partygoers gather for an evening of dancing and general revels – without all of those tiresome asks for support and silent auctions. Just come (in your finest prom attire), have a drink and dance the night away.

This year’s theme is Enchantment Under the Sea. Expect the ALCO building on Valley Street to become a 1950s prom-inspired wonderland, complete with a balloon waterfall, bubble machines and a signature cocktail. “This year the Bash will once again have a prom theme. We are encouraging people to dig out their dated formalwear and join us for an evening that will include lots of balloons, spiked punch and awkward photos,” says event co-chair Caitlin Amirault. And, in true Rhode Island style, the king and queen of the prom will be crowned the old fashioned way... by purchasing votes. “The Winter Bash is always the party of the year,” she continues. “It feels like the entire city comes out to celebrate the Providence Preservation Society.” Don’t miss it. $30 before March 8, $35 from March 10-27, $40 at door. VIP “Chaperone Party” 6:30- 8pm. 8pm-midnight. ALCO, 555 Valley Street. 



The Best News from the Wurst Kitchen

The Wurst Kitchen, located within Chez Pascal, is now offering their renowned hot dogs and sausages for sale. Past sausage selections have included Cheddarwurst (smoked jalapeño and cheddar cheese), Knackwurst (smoked coriander and black pepper), Chorizo (smoked sausage, pork loin, spanish pimenton and paprika) and Beer Bratwurst (unsmoked, with caraway, oregano and Bucket Pail Ale beer). Selections change weekly. $10 per pack of 6 hot dogs. $8 per pack of 4 sausages. 960 Hope Street. 421-4422.


Magic and Illusion at Brown's Rockefeller Library

Are you still bummed that your Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail? Turn that frown upside-down, because Brown has you covered. Brown University kicks off the year with some fascinating new exhibits and one of them taps into the realm of magic.

The latest exhibit is called The Art of Illusion: Selections from the H. Adrian Smith Collection of Conjuring and Magicana. Over his lifetime, Smith built up a private collection of books, manuscripts and other objects concerning magic and illusions. His extensive collection was passed along to Brown and now has its own exhibit in the John D. Rockefeller Library. Admission is free for and the general public is welcome to view these fascinating pieces from now until March 26. Visitors must check in with the service desk or call 401-863-2165.    More

Taste Test

4 Champagnes We're Toasting with this Month

Valentine’s Day is creeping up like a one-date clinger, but sparkling rosé is not just for lovers; it’s very much an equal opportunity alcohol. Whether you are looking for a certain bottle to set the mood, or seeking some pink bubbles to pair with your Sunday brunch eggs benny, take a sip from a few selections that are sure to make you see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Fancy, Shmancy and Delicious

If you are seeking a more, shall we say, “sophisticated,” sparkling rose, then Conti Ducco Franciacorta Brut Rose de Noirs, from Gasbarro’s Wines, is the answer to your champagne-soaked wish. This alternative to Veuve Cliquot or Moet is an Italian sparkler, but not a prosecco, that delivers a superior drinking experience with light, floral notes, a smooth, slightly tart finish and an elegant marriage of delicate flavors. Pop a bottle for the fanciest of occasions. 361 Atwells Avenue, 421-4170. 


Smooth and Sassy

Craving a more traditional bottle of bubbly? Head over to Bottles for their Gruet Brut Rosé, a true rose champagne produced in France. Celebrate your triumphs (or drown your sorrows) with this super smooth, yet bright, crisp wine. One whiff tickles the nose with hints of citrus and pear, and a tart - but not overpowering - finish imparts a little sass on the senses. Perfect to pair with a special dinner or a casual brunch. 141 Pitman Street, 372-2030. 

Rich and Ripe

Notes of yeast, cheese and brioche characterize the scrumptious sparkling rose that is Domaine de Martinolles Crémant de Limoux Brut Rosé, from ENO Fine Wines in Downtown PVD. This medium bodied wine is fruit-forward and has sweetness, yet is still considered dry, and a citrusy, almost bitter finish leaves the tongue lusting for more. This wine would couple well with a rich dessert, like chocolate cake or custard. 225 Westminster Street, 521-2000.


Cheap and Cheerful

Yellowtail, aka the wine with the kangaroo on the label, produces a fine …   More

City News

Have Your Say On Olneyville Redevelopment

The City Planning Commission will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, January 28 at 4:45pm to discuss plans for a McDonald's and a Family Dollar in Olneyville. The meeting will be in the first floor conference room at 444 Westminster Street. The heart of the matter is a developer's plan for the currently vacant parcel at 48 Plainfield Street. The plan has aroused criticism and controversy because the developer is asking for zoning relief that would allow for the buildings to be set back further from the street than is currently allowed, and for the McDonald's to have a drive-through. Critics argue that this is suburban-style development being shoehorned into a dense urban area. With lower rates of car ownership by Olneyville residents than in most of the rest of the city, the question becomes whether this car-friendly development is serving the neighborhood, or excluding the people who actually live in it. The full plans can be seen here, and Greater City Providence has been following the story pretty closely. If you're interested in learning more, or voicing your opinion on the plan, be sure to attend what should be a lively meeting.   More

Take a Free Ride with Uber from Now Until Saturday

Uber, the uber-popular car service app, will be offering up to three free rides, at a maximum of $20 per ride, to any and everyone in Rhode Island between now and 6pm on Saturday. Yes, you read that right. Free rides. For everyone.

The company recently expanded into Rhode Island, and it's been known for making a big splash when it enters a new market. They once offered free rides to all of Brooklyn for the weekend. For those who aren't familiar, the service uses a mobile app to connect people in need of a ride with Uber drivers in their area. You can request a ride anytime from anywhere, and you don't need any cash – you pay for the ride through your Uber account. Needless to say it's become very popular very quickly with young urban dwellers and professionals.

Now the #RILOVESUBER promotion is on. Just sign up for Uber or download the app, request a ride, and the rest is on them. Of course, they expect high demand, so if you already know what you're doing this weekend you might want to start booking your rides now. And if you need somewhere to go with your free ride, your Uber receipt will get you discounts and bonuses at over a dozen Providence bars and restaurants, including The Avery, The Eddy, Hot Club, Vanity and even StyleWeek.

Find more info here, and get your free ride.   More

Join the Providence Media Graphic Design Team

Have you ever looked at the design of our magazines and thought, I would love to do that? Are you an experienced graphic designer looking for a fun and exciting workplace? Then join our team!

Providence Media is currently seeking both a full-time and a freelance graphic designer to work with our top-notch Art Department. This is a fast-paced, challenging environment in which you will enjoy a level of responsibility and artistic input that is rare in this industry. Some of the qualifications we're looking for include:

• Strong grasp of graphic and digital design for magazine publication

• Proficiency in Adobe CS4 and up

• Ability to work well in a fast paced environment

• Ability to work well as part of a closeknit team

• Strong organizational skills and high level of self-motivation

• Ability to multitask and prioritize multiple projects in multiple phases of design

• Photography and web experience a plus

Responsibilities include, but aren't limited to: ad design, editorial layout, photo retouching, collateral design, email campaign design, logo development and more. If interested, send your resume, salary requirements and a link to your work to   More

PM Experiment

3D Printing in Providence

Over at AS220, a group of individuals calling themselves 3D Printing Providence (3DPPVD) are proving that the future is in fact now - and it’s all thanks to burgeoning 3D printer technology, which, according to 3DPPVD, may revolutionize how goods are crafted and distributed.

But let’s slow down a minute. What is 3D printing? And why does it matter?

In a nutshell, 3D printing is the process of manufacturing a 3-dimensional object from a digital model. Houses, toys, power tools - hell, even this very magazine you’re holding - can all be created via a 3D printer, so long as the printer is technologically capable and the digital model exact. (Which means, yes, you could in fact download a car. So take that, Motion Picture Association.)

As for 3DPPVD, these passionate individuals meet twice per month to utilize 3D printers and learn about this ever-expanding field. “When I first started [four years ago], 3D printing wasn’t a big deal,” says James Rutter, AS220’s lab manager. “You had to work on your own machine, fix your own drives and pulleys. It was a clumsy technology.”

As with anything technology-related, though, the industry quickly exploded. Soon the machines were more automated and less intimidating for the average individual. People grew more proficient, and thus printed products grew in popularity.

“The club meets the first Tuesday of every month, and it’s informal. What we say is, all members can come down and work, and we’ll have about ten members working on different projects. They’re socializing, just hanging out, no agenda, printing things.”

In addition, the club meets the second Wednesday of every month, and these, says, James, are the “formal meetings.” Each one focuses on a specific topic, pre- sentation or invited speaker, and the meetings are intended to teach members about the latest in 3D printing technology.

“These meetings …   More


Off to the Races

By the end of last year, the political landscape of the 2014 elections in Rhode Island was already looking like a pretty crowded field, with high profile candidates announcing early and often. As we gear up for a long election season, there are still a lot of prospective candidates lingering on the margins, playing a “will they or won’t they?” game with the electorate. So, as the depths of winter set in and we have nothing better to pass the time than idle speculation, let’s take a look at who might yet jump into the fray.

Buddy Cianci: Mayor of Providence

People continue to wonder if the man who still routinely goes by “Mayor” will make one last run at City Hall, and Cianci, ever the showman, seems all too happy to entertain the discussion. What most people don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter whether he chooses to launch an official campaign: a little remembered City ordinance from Buddy’s ‘90s heyday dictates that his name must legally appear on the ballot as a candidate in every mayoral election until 25 years after his death.

Chris Young: Mayor of Providence, General Treasurer, Secretary of State, Senior Class President, Secretary General of the Model UN, Wikipedia Administrator, Chancellor of the Galactic Senate

Ever the wild card, this perennial candidate has not been shy in the past about throwing his hat into the ring – or even throwing multiple hats into multiple rings. Young has been quiet thus far into the election cycle, but if recent history proves correct, voters are soon to see him flop-sweating his way through the fringes of a debate, flanked by his inexplicably attractive girlfriend. While the field might be too crowded for him in the Providence mayoral race, GoLocalProv’s Dan Lawlor seems to think he’s got an outside shot at Chancellor of the Galactic Senate.

Carolyn Rafaelian: Governor

Word on the street is that Cranston’s number one jewelry and lifestyle impresario is currently channeling energy …   More

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